CaptchaTrader - The best Captcha service created!

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CaptchaTrader - The best Captcha service created!

Post  Tcbskater on Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:29 pm

CaptchaTrader is a site that was made to be a cheaper alternative to BypassCaptcha for users of the Google Chrome Extension Lockerz Play Accelerated.

There are two ways to receive credits on this site: Buying credits and entering credits for other users. Credits cost $1 for every $10000, with just a small $5 transaction fee to keep the site from losing money on smaller packages. This is EXTREMELY cheap compared to other captcha Bypass sites. It all works on other users entering captchas for each other.

If you wish to earn credits by entering captchas for other users, each captcha typed correctly earns you 5 credits. Every 10 credits you have = one captcha solved for you. Another great feature about this site is that it can utilize desktop notifications to let you know when a captcha is available for you to type. It makes it insanely easy to multi-task and earn credits.

There is also a newly launched section where you can cash out your credits for PayPal money and Amazon gift cards. Every 10000 credits you have = $1 paypal.


You also earn credits for referring other users, and potentially being able to earn credits on autopilot with enough referrals.

The best way to be able to have more captchas available to enter for everyone is by purchasing. With captchas that you need solved, other users can earn for those, allowing them to have captchas that they need solving. And so on, and so forth.

I'd appreciate it very much if you signed up under me! Links are posted below.

Sign up!

Also follow CaptchaTrader on Twitter.


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